How to Create an Organised Garage

8th Mar 2021

Some spaces in our homes are just a lot harder to keep tidy, clean, and organised than others. The garage is one of these areas that can be tough to keep tidy because this is where you store so many items of various sizes, shapes, and designs. The garage is a suitable storage place for everything that doesn’t fit or belongs in your home. This can include tools, engine parts, adventure gear, old toys, paint, and so many other things. All of this clutter can be tough to keep clean and before you know it, your garage can become dusty, smelly, and infested with all sorts of dangerous creditors. If the prospects of cleaning your garage are giving you nightmares then it is time to reshape the way you use your garage. Here are some handy tips to help you create an organised garage. 

Empty Your Garage

Before you do anything else, you should empty everything from your garage. Take a day or two and reserve this time for garage cleaning duties. Cleaning your garage and carrying everything out may seem like a lot of hard work but it will give you a good full-body workout.

Clean the Garage Area

Next, you need to spring clean your entire garage. If you don’t have too many wooden surfaces then you should opt for a power washer so you can get dirt, insects, and grime out of every hard-to-reach area in the garage.

Sort and Sell Your Stuff

While your garage is drying off, you should start sorting your garage items by type. Take a good look at everything you own. If something is broken and isn’t likely to be fixed within the next year then it is better to sell, donate or throw it away. If you have items that you haven’t used in many years then it is also better to sell these items. Declutter as much as you possibly can by selling or getting rid of anything that no longer suits your lifestyle. You can make a small fortune by selling old items that would have worn down sitting in your garage anyway.

Buy Storage Racks

Before you carry anything back into the garage, you should invest in quality storage racks from Toprax Australia. The metal shelving they sell can be delivered to your doorstep within days and you don’t need any tools to assemble these shelves. The racks are freestanding so you can move them to any spot in your garage and the shelves can be adjusted to different heights so you can make room for garage equipment of different heights. Buy as many storage racks as you can fit into your garage and line them up against the wall so you will have plenty of space for all of the gear you decided to keep.

Label Your Garage Shelving

While you are carrying all of your sorted stuff back into your garage, you should be mindful to keep matching items together. Store all of your camping gear on one shelf, all tools on one shelf, all garden equipment on another shelf, and all adventure gear on another. Now grab a labelling machine and label all of these shelves so you and family members will know where to place everything after using these items.

Toprax Australia

With these tips and quality shelves from Toprax Australia in Melbourne, we are sure that you won’t just create an organised garage, but you will also create one that is super easy to keep organised and clean.