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Industrial Shelving in Melbourne - Leading Garage Racking & Storage Solution

Storage issues? Overcrowded floors? Are your things are piling up, and your business is utterly disorganised?

Having your warehouse, your business or your working area disorganised can drastically decrease staff productivity and impact your ability to reach your business goals. The same applies to your life and your home. A house or garage with clutter is bad for your health, and it ruins productivity.

Stop damaging your business and your life and organise your chaos today.

At Toprax we have a massive range of shelving and storage racks. Whether it’s your home, garage, warehouse or office space, we have the organisational solution which is right for you.

Industrial Shelving In Melbourne

At Toprax we have a wide range of industrial shelving and warehouse racking too. This range includes everything from,

As the experts in industrial shelving, we’ll help you select the right storage solution for you. Our shelving experts understand safety and comply with all Australian standards. Pallet racking in Australia is covered under a standard and when buying pallet racking you need to be sure what you get is compliant and installed to this standard.

You’re guaranteed all our industrial shelving is compliant with these Australian standards, which means you’re providing a safe working environment for your business and keeping it protected at the same time.

Heavy-Duty Metal Shelving

Want maximum storage? Flexible packing options and absolute durability? Great. Then you need heavy duty storage metal shelving.

Why heavy-duty metal shelving?

Who else wants more storage space?

Heavy-duty metal shelves will give you the most out of your storage space. They create verticle space along walls and throughout your warehouse, allowing you to store a considerable number of items of all shapes, weights and sizes.

So, clear your warehouse or garage floor today.

Need to store delicate items securely?

Delicate items are best stored safely and alone from other things which could create potential hazards. Don’t let fragile items get damaged. Use heavy-duty metal shelves to prevent them from getting harmed in any way.

Do you have oversized and bulky items?

Not to worry, because sturdy metal shelving is for you. Metal shelving creates a safe space for storing unusual and substantial sized items. Which includes things like, heavy- duty machinery parts, car or truck parts and various sized tools.

Too much clutter in your warehouse or garage and you quickly lose things?

Clear the clutter today with metal shelving or warehouse raking and create a neat and visible space for your things. Storing your items on shelves gives you premium visibility and ensures you’ll quickly locate and get the item you need, fast. You’re viewing items which are in front of you and close to your eye level. Which means it’s far more comfortable and better for your back than searching for items which are on the floor or inside storage containers.

Metal shelving is highly durable and safe too.

We get it, in warehouses, there are many rules, regulations and compliances which you have to follow. Metal shelving is brilliant for any fire or hazards you may be up against. Such as it’s durability against heat and humidity and it also withstands being bumped and knocked around.

Toprax has heavy-duty metal shelving in Melbourne available in a variety of widths, depths and thicknesses. Further to this, we have a wide range of beam sections and lengths as well.

Our staff at Toprax are masters in the area of industrial shelving and together with our expert customer service we guarantee you’ll get your clutter off the floor and onto your shelving in no time.

So, whatever your storage problem Toprax has the best solution for you.

Garage Shelving In Melbourne

Can’t find a thing in your garage? Does it look like a junkyard and you’ve never parked your car inside?

Everything which doesn’t fit in your home ends up in your garage. Items such as tools, things for the cars, gardening equipment, sports gear and the camping gear too all end up in your garage. It’s great if you’re storing all of these things in your garage but what’s the point if you can’t find any of it?

Clear the clutter now and convert your garage from a junkyard into an organised dream with our premium garage shelving solutions.

At Toprax, we have heavy-duty garage shelving and garage racking which are durable to hold all heavy-duty items securely and off the ground.

Toprax’s comprehensive range of garage shelving in Melbourne and garage racking are versatile, expandable and simple to instal.

The shelves can be positioned at your desired height and locks securely in place. The frames can be bolted to the floor or walls if desired also.

Your safety along with our garage shelving and raking durability and quality are our top priorities. We use the best quality materials to ensure longevity in your shelving and ensure they’re safe in your garage too.

We’re specialists in supplying Australia with innovative safe and durable storage systems for your home, garage, warehouse or office space.

So, whatever your storage problem, call on Topax to clear the clutter today.