Toprax Long-Span Shelving

At Toprax Melbourne we have a wide range of industrial racking and warehouse long-span shelving. This range includes everything from:

  • Heavy-duty metal shelving

  • Industrial shelving units

  • Industrial storage shelves

As we’re experts in long-span shelving, we'll help you select a suitable storage solution tailored to your requirements. 

There's no need to worry about safety because our shelving specialists understand the importance of secure storage. Which means we guarantee all our long-span shelving complies with every Australian standard. So you can provide a safe working environment for your business, keeping it protected at all times.

Long-Span Shelving In Melbourne 

For an extensive range of long-span shelving, Toprax has what you require to fit any style of space. This form of shelving is designed for mounting into even the smallest of spots. It's great for holding boxes, parts, or anything somewhat heavy. With various sizes available, you'll get a dimension to fit into any area of your Melbourne warehouse. 

Maximise your warehouse or commercial space with our durable and robust shelving. It's ideal for storing bulky and odd-shaped items, and it's fast and straightforward to assemble. Further to this, all our long-span shelving is easily adjustable with a simple click-in system which means you don’t need nuts and bolts. 

Why Long-Span Shelving?

Got a warehouse or commercial space in Melbourne which needs tidying up and more extended storage space? If so, then you should consider long-span shelving to solve your storage problems for good. Because this style of shelving creates space, it’s safe and can be used to store virtually anything. 

Finding a resolution to maximise your warehouse disorder to create more room is vital for any business. An uncluttered working environment increases available floor space because it allows you to build areas for storing all your items vertically which means you’re actually increasing your available storage capacity. This form of shelving allows you to store more items in your warehouse providing you with the potential to increase your profits. 

Long-span shelving is an affordable storage solution which is simple to assemble too so you can increase your Melbourne warehouse space without spending a substantial amount of money.

Another excellent benefit of installing this style of shelving is this system ensures safety for all employees. Toprax has only the highest calibre made shelves using top quality materials which means we provide you with a safe and sturdy shelving system. However, it's still vital for your employees to follow the correct safety procedures while using shelving. So you can provide a safe working environment and minimise and prevent injuries from occurring. 

Lastly, long-span shelving is handy. For real convenience in your business, installing this style shelving is excellent. Its simple for you, your staff and also customers to find your products as they'll be neatly stored for easy viewing access. Items are stocked efficiently and effectively, and you have an advantage of keeping them high if you need because it's easy to remove products with a forklift. Further to this, the shelving can be easily adjusted, shifted and removed too. So if you need to re-arrange your floor space in the future, it won't be a problem. 

Long-span shelving systems are an excellent way to increase productivity in your businesses as well as its overall efficiency. Your safety is our priority. We use the most superior quality materials to ensure longevity in your shelving and guarantee they're safe in your business. 

We're specialists in supplying Melbourne and all of Australia with innovative, reliable and durable storage systems for your warehouse, commercial or office space. So, whatever your storage problem, contact Topax to clear the clutter today.